Hanson L. California

Gun Violence

Gun violence must be stopped, many people are dying and getting hurt because of this.

The gun violence that is happening must be stopped because people who should not have firearms are getting their hands on firearms and people are abusing their power with guns by killing and injuring people with them.

Criminals can easily get firearms from shops because the background checks don't track that they will do anything bad with the gun, this is a big problem. Since criminals are being armed with guns, there will be more deaths and crimes. People should be restricted to give guns to others just incase the other person is a criminal. Some people possess guns when they shouldn’t be able to either by stealing, trading, etc. According to Dan Noyes article, arrestees answered how they got their guns saying 56% with cash, 15% said they got it as a gift, 10% borrowed it, 8% traded for it, and 5% said they stole it. Illegal gun dealers should be kept on watch to minimize the chance of criminals getting guns.

People are abusing their use of guns while guns are suppose to be used as self-defense. Speaking from the 2nd amendment, people are allowed to be armed with guns for self-defense; however, many people are not using it for self-defense. For safety concerns, we should make a rule that people are not allowed to buy over an amount of ammunition. Self-defense means protecting yourself, not hurting others!

Yes, I do agree that guns should be allowed to people for protection reasons, but a lot of people are abusing this right. “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” said the week magazine. Guns aren’t used very often for self-defense yet most americans think it is safer to have guns in their house. I believe that it is actually more dangerous to have guns in your own house because of possible accidents or even homicides.

All in all, something obviously must be done about gun violence or else there will be more deaths and there will be more injuries. Innocent people do not deserve to die by illegally possessed guns. Thanks for reading!


Hanson L.

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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