Vivie California

College Expenses

overpriced college tuition >:(

Dear Mr/Mrs. President:

I'm coming to you with a very serious issue that affects many students today, that is the absurd price one must pay to receive a higher education from a university. Many of my friends in school have dreams of pursuing an established university, but after looking at the tuition more often then not they are discouraged due to the price point. Colleges like Harvard and Yale are pricing their tuition at 60,000 dollars a year even the more "affordable" public colleges can cost around 9,410. This amount is illogical, providing students with an education should not be about profit, it should focus on developing the minds of our future leaders. Many families do not have the financial stability to pay a college tuition without taking out some loans. By the time a student would graduate they would be struggling with the weight of the student loans the universities had defaulted on them. Its a paradox, students endeavor to attend universities to have a better job with higher pay yet when they finally do get a job a lot of the time they're using that paycheck to pay off the loans they had taken out as a student. It's an endless cycle, education should be a priority not the money, as acting president I implore you to make a change, pass a bill, make an effort to possibly lower this ridiculous cost for college.