Nate M. Utah

A Message Regarding Nature

I am writing, conveying my thoughts and feelings about how we must preserve nature, particularly our forests. We must also make an effort to recycle, in order to cut down our need for landfills.

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

I am writing to you today to convey my thoughts about a huge problem facing the world today. That is the problem of the destruction of the natural world. Nature is of utmost importance to us, and I believe that not enough is being done to protect it. There need to be more laws on recycling. By now, many people should know that throwing away recyclable items such as aluminum cans, plastic water bottles, and cardboard will create more landfills. Landfills are dangerous for the environment and cause serious harm. Yet so many people continue to ignore this fact. Another serious issue I hope you can address is the issue of deforestation. This affects many animals and living creatures. Nearly 70% of all land animals and plants live in habitats in forests. An estimated eighteen million acres of forest is lost each year. That is the size of the country of panama. If these levels continue, the world's rainforests will be gone in less than one hundred years. So much beauty and important resources come from these forests, and I know that you can personally say you have spent some time among trees, and know this for a fact.

I am writing to you because I know that you can help make a difference. Without a natural world, we will lose many important elements of this earth. I am hoping that one of your focuses as our new leader will be to help conserve the environment, as well as help restore much of what has been lost. I enjoy the outdoors and nature very much, and I know I am not alone. My favorite activities are rock climbing as well as hiking, and it kills me to see so much of it ruined by unnecessary man made creations. We as human beings need to make sure that the earth maintains its natural beauty. I thank you for your time listening to me and ask you to think about what I have stated.


Nate M.

Judge Memorial

Judge Memorial-Jeffreys

Students enrolled in AP English Language and Composition at Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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