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When is murder considered murder?

Taking the life of a fetus is morally wrong and should be illegal.

  A baby draws its first breath of air from the outside world and takes its first gaze at the world from the window of a hospital room. Unwanted by the parent, it is adopted by another family, a family that cares for and nurtures it for years to come. They name him Chance. And Chance grows up to be a surgeon; he has transplanted 106 lungs, he has preformed brain surgery 76 times, and has preformed on 107 heart attack victims. He has saved 289 lives. Oh wait, this never happened, he was murdered before even getting the chance.

   1.21 million babies were aborted in the U.S. last year. What would have those babies been if they weren't? Doctors, lawyers, police-men/women, maybe even the president of the United States. With odds like that it is guaranteed that a child who could have grown up to be very important and could have made positive changes, but instead was aborted. It is estimated that 36 couples wait for every one baby who is adopted. There is an abundance of couples who want children but are unable to have them so they turn to adoption. So why are people deciding to kill a human they are about to produce instead of letting that human have a happier life with another family who will take care of it?

   Now I don't believe abortion should be completely outlawed with no exceptions, there are very specific situations that may actually call for abortion. One of those is if the baby was conceived from rape. If 13% of women who have been raped attempt suicide, then giving birth to something as a result of that rape is not helping. If the emotional trauma is too much then the woman should have a choice. Another one is if the child is diagnosed with some type of degenerative disease that guarantees the child would suffer its entire life, then in that case the woman should also be given a choice. 

  Many people say that a lot of women who want abortions do it because they can't take care of that baby and they don't want to bring it into this world because of that. Well as I have said before, the woman should give it up for adoption. But what if they want to take care of it but don't want to give up? For that issue I believe a portion of the taxes citizens pay should be diverted to a fund to help these women who keep the baby.

  Some people view the outlawing of abortion as taking away from women's rights, I believe when a women decides to abort a baby, they are invoking the right of that child, do you really think if you let that child grow up and you asked them " Should I have aborted you?" they would have said "Yes mommy." Killing the fetus taking away a basic human right, the right for a chance at life. Not-so-fun-fact, in a surgical abortion, the fetus is torn apart limb by limb and the head is crushed in order to get it out, did you also know Mr. Trump that the procedure is applied to fetuses who have already developed organs and a beating heart so they fell what is happening.

  Every single baby deserves to live, deserves to grow up and make their own choices. Some say that it is the women's body so it is her choice, but they fail to understand that the fetus is its own entity, it breathes, it moves, it has its own body, organs and mind. Yes it is the woman's body but once they decide to conceive the baby it is not their choice to kill it.


                  A concerned student and citizen

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