Alondra G. California


Immigrants should be allowed to live in a place where many of us call it home.

Dear Future President,

         There are many innocent immigrants getting deported for being illegal to the states. I think everyone should have a chance to live in a states that they want. Being an immigrant is sad and scary because it is like hiding behind a shadow. I believe that families should not be separated. I also think that immigrants should not be deported just like that. That people shouldn't live in fear for those who wear badges.I also believe that the next president should make it easier for illegal immigrants to become U.S citizens.The issue of deporting immigrant families bothers me because it's been occurring for a long time where innocent people out of millions that are guilty, sweats and bleeds enough to make them faint just to cross to a better place, just so they can be kicked back to the place where they crossed from.I urge you to help all of the Latino families that have to sit in the somber silence in the corners of the United States.More than 11.4 undocumented immigrants reside in the U.S. and that population is growing 700,000 per year. More than 7 million illegal immigrants work in the United States. Illegal immigrants come to the United States for a better job or a better life. The labor-intensive nature of many crops is a key reason agriculture relies on illegal immigrants. Many immigrants who enter the United States accept high-risk and sometimes great expense for a chance at jobs sooner than later. Then their families follow. I would like you to continue the progress of Obama’s presidency and expand it into something that can keep Latino families together, which is reflective of your “stronger together” campaign. The United States' foundations were based on immigration and the blending of cultures is what makes up the modern American identity.


                    Alondra G.