Michael R. California

Police Body Cameras

Body cameras on police will allow the officers to show that they are taking the proper steps when conflict is happening with a civilian.

November 3, 2016

Dear Future President

Racism and discrimination have been a big issue lately because people are starting to resist officers and getting killed. People feel that this is racist towards their race or community but it is happening to everyone not just one race.

I think if all officers wore body cameras the officers can show the families of the victims why they were shot and that it is not the officer's fault or if it really was the officer's fault then the proof is there. If a civilian is resisting that means they are trying to hide something which makes the officer think that this person can be dangerous which leads to conflict between the officer and civilian.

There was a survey that tested police officers who wore body cameras and how conflict is different with civilians for a whole year and the results were positive. There was a 65% drop in complaints against the police officers and 53% reduction in incidents that required the officers to use force for. This is why I think all officers should wear body cameras it is a positive outcome and the police wonโ€™t be blamed for all the deaths they are just doing there job and protecting themselves. It is also a positive for the victims if the police officer is in the wrong.


Michael Rendon