Maddie J. California


We are all immigrants in some way or another. It should be allowed.

Dear Future President,

I understand that there are two different sides to immigration and that not all people can agree on what is best. Immigration is one of most controversial topics with many swaying factors. Despite these factors, personally I am for immigration, but I can see where the other side is coming from. Here are a few reasons why you should take immigration into consideration.

First off, immigrants are the ones who founded our nation. Why shouldn’t we allow them on this land? They were here, on the land we’re living on, before us. Immigrants are the ones who risk being separated from their families just so that they can come to the Unites States and live a better life. No one deserves to be taken away from their family and be sent back to where they came from. Aren’t we a free country that allows people to do things that they want to do? If so, that should allow people to live where they want to live. They also bring out the diversity of our country, which is an important part of our nation. Think about it, we are the immigrants of America including you, the next president.

There is definitely a flip side to this topic. People who do not believe immigration is okay think about things that will convince you to say no to making it right so that those who are trying to move here illegally are not allowed. Most citizens of America will tell you that they are competing with immigrants for jobs. But if you think about it, we are competing amongst ourselves, not just with immigrants. Others say that they are all drug addicts and are bad influences, but that is an overall stereotype and not all immigrants fall into that category.

Before making your final decision I would like you to take these few examples into consideration. We are all related in some way or another, do not break our family apart. Thank you.

Maddie J. 

Santa Clara High School

11th graders in AP English Language SCHS

11th grade students in AP English Language at SCHS

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