roberto California

Animal abuse

Animal abuse is a big problem that you as future president should really care about

Dear Donald Trump,

Animal abuse, the act of harming or neglecting an animal.  Animal abuse is a serious problem that needs to stop in America.  From zoo's who underfeed their to animals, to owners who chain up their dog outside with barely enough food to survive. Animal abuse is a big issue in the United States and there should be more done to solve it.

Animal abuse is a problem that is not getting any better, this issue is clearly hurting the animals it's happening to. ‘’Zoo animals have to spend day after day, week after week, year after year in the exact same enclosure. This makes their lives very monstrous’’ [ Ebar web]. Dogs in captivity or in neglect don't grow up to be strong animals. Once I had a friend, who had a rescued dog, who used to have abusive owners.  Whenever you got near him he backed away as if you were going to strike him.

A good solution in my opinionis that there should be an organization that goes to a pound or animal shelter and makes sure the conditions are liveable and that the animals are not being mistreated. They would do it say twice a year or so to keep the inspections frequent. They would also test the food at zoos to make sure it's safe and that the animals conditions are livable. Hopefully they could close down some zoos and release animals into the wild where they belong. They would also conduct background checks before allowing people to buy pets.

Animal abuse has to stop at all costs, you as president should really take this matter seriosly, and try to do something to change it.  Dogs being abused will not grow up to be healthy or strong.  Animal abuse is a big issuse that some people think isn't that much of an issue.  However I belive that you as president could really change this in our country.