Katrina D. California

Animal Cruelty

Humans have caused many problems to this day, animal cruelty is one of them.

Dear Future President,

If you were an animal would you want to be abused or neglected, like no one cares about you?

Thousands of animals are killed because of human actions, which can include intentional animal abuse neglect.

Intentional animal abuse is when you purposely hit the animal or cause any harm to the pet, this is wrong because nothing deserves to suffer or go through any sort of pain.

One of the many reasons why caretakers have abused their pets is because they are probably dealing with issues going on with other people. This action causes the owner to take it out of their innocent pets. In a New York study their data shows that 39.4% of 700 women who were victims of partner violence say that if they had a pet, their pets would be in danger. The most common animals that are the target of animal abuse are dogs, cats, and farm animals. Some animals are not strong or smart enough to take care of themselves, so they have no other option, than to deal with the pain. Animals are living and breathing creatures as well, they want to be loved not torchered.

Knowingly neglecting animals happens whenever the owner doesn’t provide food, water, and shelter, because the owners have too much going on to handle taking care of that animal.

Humans don’t think owning an animal is a big deal. Which is true. But taking care of that animal is the hard part. Many people think that since animals aren’t humans they don’t need a home, food, water and health care. But even though they are animals they still need to be taken care of. According to the American Humane Association 10% of owners give away their dogs because they don’t have the time. Animal neglect can be fixed by telling the owner to fix the situation. If not corrected, the animal would then be taken away from the owner. Some animals were put on this earth to have someone take care of them, not to get ignored.

Many people think of animals as a part of their family because pets give more emotional help than their family members.

According to the Harris poll 90% of pet owners think of their dogs and cats as part of the family. The American Animal Hospital Association Survey states that 40% of married women that owns a pet has gotten more emotional support from the pet than from the rest of the family. There is a great number of owners that have a great relationship with their pets. There is also evidence from newspaper editors that say animal abuse stories produce more upset readers than stories about human violence.

Even though there is a big part of humans that have a strong relationship with their pets, there are still cruel people that put their animals through so much pain and suffering in their lifetime. Sitting around just watching people abuse nor neglect their animals is just as bad as doing it. What you can do to help is to report animal abuse or animal neglect when you see it. Also another way you can help is to teach children how to love and respect the animal by setting an example of showing kindness and care toward the pet.


Katrina D.

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