Luciana M. Florida

Climate Change

Change our ways to improve the environment

Dear Future President,

As your constituent and citizen of the United States, please hear me out. Before we can worry about income taxes and immigration, let’s focus on our home in which we fend off of and live in, our planet Earth. Climate change is real and it’s shifting the world. The planet’s average temperature is rising due to human activity including burning fossil fuels and depleting the land for resources and large cities. Not only have we sped up the rate of species extinction by 1000, according a review published in the journal Science, but we are killing ourselves. Everything we produce and consume comes from the Earth, therefore we must care for it. According to NASA, if we don’t take initiative, temperature will continue to rise, there’ll be more droughts and heat waves, hurricanes will become stronger and more intense, sea level will increase, the Arctic will likely become ice-free, and the list goes on and on.

We can make our home safer by making ecological care our first priority. First, NASA needs to be funded again to discover new forms of energy conservation and climate change reducer. There are many ways to replace harmful practices such as more solar power and wind mills compared to coal and fossil fuels. We need to use more renewable resources because we’re running out of nonrenewable resources. An example is Oregon, which has used up nearly all of the coal because of over-consumption. As mentioned in an article on the Fox News by Dan Springer “In Oregon, coal power still fills one-third of the electricity demand. Despite a building boom, renewable resources such as wind and solar power make up just 8 percent of the electricity portfolio.” Instead of waiting for the resources to deplete and kill off the world, we must concentrate on our home.

Thank you for your time

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