Tomas M. California

Police Brutality

People are afraid of the police because of news reports about police brutality.

October 15, 2016

Dear future president,

Police brutality has been a topic that has people asking question about the police force and it should be dealt with. Police brutality has increased in the passed years and more minority groups are going through this process of inequality to them as a person from the police force. The police is here to protect the people not to kill them. The police stereotypes a lot of people form these minorities groups such as latinos and african americans. That's the polices problem they are scared of what a random person can do but there's no need to pull a gun out and shoot them automatically. Civil rights activists, “however, argue that regardless of whether law enforcement's shoot to kill policy is a best practice, recent cases of police shootings involving black men and women suggest police officers are more likely to find black suspects a threat and shoot them compared with non-black suspects” the police and that are trained to deal with situation that might occur.

This affects the city by the increase of deaths that potentially could be faced with gang violence against the police. Rioting could also happen if a community has enough of the police brutality and injustice that occurs to them it would cause people to raise against the city and police. So far in “2016, there have been 708 documented deaths in police shootings, 173 of which have resulted the deaths of African-Americans”. Although there has been increased media attention surrounding the police killings of black people This also cause for families to fall apart. Many kids would ask if they parent is alive or dead and if could happen to them when they get older. The news of a love death is very hard for someone to comprehend and it will cause anger in some especially if it was b y the police they are going to blame the police's action.

Sincerely yours,

Tomas m