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High Expectations

Hello Mrs. Clinton once you win office, i would like to share with you some of the expectations I feel would benefit the country as a whole. First off congratulations on your victory and i hope with your win you will focus on topics such as, lowering the unemployment rate around the country, As well as being a lead spokesperson for world peace.

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

My name is Tiquinton Fisher. I am a boy who supports your determination to become our next leader of the United States of America. I am born of African American decent who has learned from both experience and from the teachings of my elders about the political issues that are still within our country, such as Classicism, Racism, and the struggles with America's economy. People tell me that you are someone who cares about all people of all color and say that if you are to win the election, you would do your best to bring true equality to our nation. I trust in god him self  that these statements are true, but It would be great if a few of my questions were answered so that I am sure that our views align with each other as close as possible.

  1. Over Forty-three million Americans are living in poverty within our nation. How would you solve this problem?
  2.  There is a large distrust between the communities and law enforcement. What would do in order to rebuild relations between U.S. citizens and the police?
  3. What ideas would you use to combat Isis that Obama has not already tried?

I chose these questions because these are issues that are being mostly debated in my my community. These topics not only create stress for the people, but they also slow the development of the community as a whole. It hurts me that these things pit us against one another and I just don't want things to be that way. I was raised to hear the opinions of all people so that I can make the best choices from them; which means  that in order to solve a problem, you will have to know what everyone thinks about that problem. One example would be you and Donald Trump. You both seek the recovery of our country, but you have separate means on how it should be done.

I hope that what ever happens that you become our next leader, have my questions answered, and keep your promises for the improvement of this country. I wish you the best of luck and gods grace.



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