Bryce M. Louisiana

Poverty In Ferriday, Louisiana

This letter is about the poverty rate of the city in which my school is. The town is very poor because there are no business opportunities. I would like to help improve the living standard and jobs in Ferriday.

          Dear Future President,

     My name is Bryce McCarthy. I live and go to school in one of the poorest areas in the United States. It is so poor because there are no job opportunities. There is a total of 4 restaurants in the whole town of Ferriday. The total population of Ferriday is 3,453 according to the 2013 census. There is trash all over the road, falling houses,drugs, and many more problems.  

    As future President how do you plan to better the poverty rate in Ferriday? The increase of industry and business will improve the poverty rate. This will lead to a better life everyone in the community of Ferriday. This creates more jobs for people who cannot work because there are only so many businesses. Its will reduce the high amount of drugs and the crime rate by a lot. Everyone in the community will benefit from this.

    The average income per household is just 15,841 dollars a year. That is terrible, the population is very low due to the low amount of business in Ferriday. With the improvement of the business rate this could change this area of the country from poorest in the nation to wealthiest in the nation. This can improve our school grades around the area in which I go to school. Thank you for reading this letter and please help my city.

    Yours Truly, 

   Bryce McCarthy.


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