Tommy New York

Gun control

Gun are getting out of control,this is what i have to say

Dear Future President

I would like to talk to you about gun control. It is becoming a real problem now. Some people are walking around with loaded guns. I think you should make it so people need a background check to buy a gun and not allow people to walk around with them. And yes I know some people will be like “Hey, not fair, I have the rights to walk around with a gun.”

But think about it. In 2016, there was a shooting at a gay club in Florida and 49 people died and 51 were injured. When the shooter was questioned he said he bought the gun at a normal gun store and he had a criminal record. There's been 10 school shootings this year and at least 60 in the past 3 years alone.

Some people should have guns. Like a hunter and cops have the right to buy guns legally. Normal people can still buy guns but they should have a good reason and a background check. But they still can't just walk around town with a loaded gun. So in conclusion you can own a gun but you can't walk around with one.


Tommy Matteo