Annika S. California

Animal Abuse Must be Stopped

This letter is about stopping animal abuse and making a change to help them stay happy and healthy.

Animal abuse is an important issue that needs to be addressed. It's important because animal's lives deserve to be treated as equally as humans. Just because they are smaller or weaker doesn't mean you have to take your anger or emotions out on them. Abuse should not be this big of an issue and I want to help stop it.

Animal abuse is a serious issue that affects both us and the animals. It affects the animals because they are being harmed when they didn’t do anything wrong. If they were behaving badly or anything in that area you don’t have to abuse them. It affects us because if you grew up in an abusive family or surroundings you might also abuse animals or people in your future.

One way to solve this issue is to report any abuse if you see it. Or if you have a friend that is to afraid they would get in trouble you can do it for them. Your local shelter will look into the report and investigate. They are also responsible for enforcing the animal cruelty law. If you are not sure who to go to there are other ways. You could also go and call your local non-emergency police number and find out who to report them to.

This issue is extremely important to me. I have always loved animals and just the thought of them being harmed because of other people's problems makes me sick. So I want to change that and help the animals who don't deserve to be treated like that and have people out there who would love to own them. I think there should be a law against animal abuse and everyone that sees this violent crime to report it immediately to save an innocent animal's life.