Anthony California

What is being Done

What is being done about terrorist groups as I am scared of the affects of the groups

Dear President,

I understand that you have many issues to deal with as commander and chief. However I would like to know what is being done to stop terrorist groups such as ISIS and say what more can be done. This threat has affected this country and I am personally scared as these threats are getting closer to where I live.

When I was a ninth grader I was going to get ready to go to school and I saw on the T.V. that I didn't have to go to school. I later found out that all of the LAUSD students could not go to school because their were threats to the schools. The threat was a Bomb threat and also mentioned assault rifles and machine pistols. Theses threats are  affecting the community's more and how can the  people who are protecting the United States letting this happen

Based on what I have seen with what has happened in Orlando I believe that more could have possibly been done to stop the disaster. The man who was responsible for the shooting, Omar Mateen, was priorly on a terrorist watch and was allowed to purchase a weapon without the FBI learning about the purchase. There is no way to know what would have happened but could this attack have been possibly been stopped if the FBI was alerted of the purchase.

More urgency must be need to stop these attacks. I want to see more better relations with the Muslim communities because if people see weapons or hear of plans about attacks they need to report it. We could see the sale of military type weapons to be decreased. The FBI has a no fly list for people on terrorist watches and that list should be applied to when they are trying to buy weapons. Also first generation Muslims in this country should be able to feel more part of this country because they may feel that they are not included in this society.

Terrorists are getting closer and closer to me from Orlando and San Bernardino. More can be done as I have shown and I hope that more is done. Personally I would feel much more safer if I knew that more is being attempted to stop terrorist groups and ISIS.