Tyler California

The Disgrace of Bullying

Bullying is a huge problem amongst children today.

Dear Future President,

From my consent and experiences throughout childhood life and now, I would like to approach a settlement to the discouraging situations of bullying in school, social life, and social medias for today. In life, kids have been known to enjoying their young years with education and learning towards reaching success for their family, futures, and colleges. However, bullying is known to being a highly fault to life that has brought troubles everywhere leading into sadness, injuries, hospitalization, and even suicides among kids at young ages. This has resulted into kids not being available to find their path to their future during their times of difficulties and struggles with trouble being brought to them.

As seen in the past, bullying has been a usual concern through physical contacts engaging with fighting by hand, weapons, and violence at young ages starting from Kindergarten. This has sadly resulted to children at such young ages being taunted to having an disgraceful experience with not wanting to pursuit any further into education. Effects of children not learning education may bring no knowledge for their future to conduct who they want to be when they grow up, or how they shall live as they may bring worse from their actions such as becoming in a gang, doing drugs, or becoming a bully later on too.

Another conduct of bullying has been brought through social media by inappropriate texts with teasingly comments, harrassments, and more. Sources such as Facebook have brought kids into sadness with words of being made fun of in their profile pictures, posts, or personality. So, how would you feel if you were being made fun of for your image after spending all your hard work on something that had taken all your time?

Last but not least, researchers have studied children being bullied resulting to suicides at very youngs ages between 10 to 24. People may not understand what bullying may also bring to a child’s parents as they care all their life to make them happy and well for their future and career. As a child suicides, the feeling of the victim’s family has been felt to having a part of them gone.

In conclusion, bullying shall be stopped to create a better depth of happiness for the world around us. Although people may say it cannot be stopped, you also can stand up to change a part to encourage our better community.

Sincerely, Tyler