Kaylee M. California

The Illness That is Killing America

Hunger in America needs to be ended for good because it affects children from going to school and adults from accomplishing typical daily routines.

To the Future President or whomever this may concern:

When you think of the main problem that is killing America, what do you think of? Maybe politics or unequal rights, but the real problem is hunger. This is the issue that is killing America because the longer you wait, the worse that problem becomes.

Throughout the years, hunger has struck America and needs to come to an end because it prevents starving adults from attending typical daily routines and also prevents students from going to school .

 When you think of hunger in America, people who live in America are starving and can’t achieve typical daily routines. In Feeding America, one might learn the serious effects of hunger. In reality 48,135,000 are hungry, this is 15.4 % of the United States population. In a research study, 43.1 million people in america are hungry, and 13.5% are in poverty. Another statistic showed that 42.2 million people are food-insecure, meaning that they don’t know when will be the next time they eat. 7 million seniors were also recorded hungry. Seniors were simply defined as adults over the age 60. Adults that ages ranged from 50-59 were also recorded that 6 million of these adults were served by Feeding America.

Due to adults being hungry, this prevents them from going to work because of hospitalization. In this case it doesn’t help the poverty. They aren’t able to go to work because of their sickness that they aren’t also able to pay for because they aren’t able to work.

 Over time, hunger has changed education because it has prevented students from going to school and more likely to become dropouts. According to Feeding America, 15,323,000 are food insecure children. This is 20.9% of the child population in America. About every 1 and 5 children are starving because they aren’t provided the right meals. In California, 22.9% of the child population is waking up in the morning not knowing if they will have a meal the next day. Among this percentage, 68% are in poverty, and the other 32% is just above poverty, but still starving.

Due to over 15 million children are starving, effects can be hard on one child him or herself. Children are more likely to repeat a grade in elementary school and have social and behavioral problems. Students also can experience difficulties in areas like language and motor skills. After adding all this up, this would cause dropouts in school and will have health concerns. Children are noticed to be more likely to require hospitalization and may have higher risk for chronic health conditions. This could lead to anemia and asthma. This might also affect a young one’s oral health.

These health issues might prevent a child from going to school and having social interaction or playing sports. Due to a hungry child having behavioral issues, there is a higher chance for them to engage in fighting, hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, mood swings, and might become a bullier or undergo bullying.

One might claim that it will be hard to overcome hunger in America because it the cost would be to heavy. Even though that the money to solve hunger in America is 24.5 billion dollars, there are ways around it. America houses 318.9 million people. If we take the 24.5 billion dollars and divided it by the amount of people in America, we would be able to solve hunger. If the government paid a little over half of the cost, every person in America would only have to pay a little over 3 dollars every month. This would end world hunger and be a giant leap forward for the United States.

After adding everything up, the cost will be for the better. Children are known to be the future of the world. When every child is able to be feed, the future of America will be stronger because strong minds will be able to contribute to the greatness of this country. Also, when adults are feed too, people would be able to make a living and not have to struggle with illnesses. This would make job sites become more efficient because people will be able to arrive to their jobs. So please Mr./Mrs. President make the right choice to save America and build a stronger future for America.


Kaylee M.

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