Starsun H. California

Dear Future President...

Dear future president, I hope you are having a wonderful day, and I am thrilled that you have the time to read my message. There are some topics I would like to discuss, if you don´t mind. Safety is one important factor in America. Most of us are unaffected, but in some cities it is quite dangerous, innocent people getting stabbed or a bullet through them. It´s really not fair to them, or even just the factor of feeling unsafe is unnecessary. Nobody should be killed or injured just because of someone who possessed a weapon who legally shouldn´t have it in the first place. From my experiences, I walk to school everyday around 6:45 AM. I know that sounds a little bit dramatic and not much of a concern, but I do find myself on a dark and foggy morning looking around and staying alert as if someone is sneaking up on me. Our land of freedom is being taken away from some people, and that´s not okay. The government is strong and powerful. In fact,- you are the government! You´re the only one who can really control and make the differences this country has been needing. I hope you make very wise decisions as president, and form America into a better place, not to mention fighting terrorism and making the WORLD overall a better and safer place for everyone. The government should be run in a hard working and thinking manner- Just about every decision made affects everybody in our all 50 states. A lot of time and thought put into everything wouldn´t hurt anybody. You´d have enough time to make sure that was the best and right decision for our country. Like gun and weapon control, for example. Weapons are a major factor of people getting their lives getting cut short. Guns and weapons should always stay in the hands of responsible and trustworthy people. People like the mentally ill however, should be avoided at all costs. School shooting and shootings in general should be really a thing of the past, it´s 2016 going on 2017 and we haven´t done that much to prevent it. I strongly think we should strengthen the identification and laws of getting a firearm. Maybe there should be a license that requires an interview talking about why you require/want one, and an overview of your permanent record, or maybe even bump up the age required to get one, leaving it for an older and hopefully more mature range of people. This will make the death rate from firearms decrease at a lot more and will definitely make America a better place. I really do thank you for your time, and I hope you take my ideas into consideration. Sincerely, Starsun Howe

Cities like Detroit Michigan have some of the highest death rates in the country.