Andy M. California

A Call For Hope

A letter of hope for our american countries

Dear Future President,

For many years children and families all over America have been suffering from abuse from gangs. They had suffered the violence and abuse caused by gang members and gang affiliations (or even their own family). Many families have died on their way to USA by gangs, illness, or even the police.

I am Andy Mendoza; a Mexican who due to insecurity came to live over here because I had the luck to be born here in USA. I am a student at Alian Leroy Locke High School. I would never leave my city, but it was so dangerous that I couldn’t keep on leaving there.

Please help my country, help America, help people, and help the world to be a little better, by making agreements with Latin American countries and sending troops to fight crime, gangs, and drug dealers.

Children are trying to scape from their country and are migrating “Authorities caught 24,481 children in 2012 crossing the border alone”, according to “More Kids Coming to U.S. Illegally Their Own”, by

This is important because it means there is a lot of danger in their countries. Most of the kids are already teenagers that say they are fleeing from gangs and drug dealers. As the president you should care because the immigrants are coming to live to the united states and they are taking the jobs that a American should get, if you help them they would have no need to work over here they would have good jobs at their own country, by the way immigrants should not work in USA at least they have papers or permits because it is not safe for them and they get exploited in their jobs and they are paid less that means that all jobs are going to hire immigrants because it’s going to be cheaper. So please help the hard working immigrants get a permit so they could have insurance and a fair paid job.

Another thing you should think about is about the kids migration “housing these children and caring for them while their cases get worked out is expensive”.

If you help Latin American countries fight against crime, gangs and drug dealers this wouldn’t happen because they wont be afraid at their own country and wont come to live over here. So the solution of the problems with the immigrants would be to USA to help them by sending troops to their country to eradicate crime. It will help the American economy by reducing migration, making opportunities in jobs or schools, and if you keep doing the housing more kids are going to keep on coming and so you could settle the housing you are going to need raising the taxes that is going to be very expensive and they would be in disagree with that: and if you help them they would start depending in USA to fight crime and then you can start charging them for the service asking them for anything you want.

Remember we are all Americans so you help your self helping us, but after all you are the one to make the last decision and I am sure your are going to chose the best thing for the country, but before you chose emphasize with them just visualize for a second that your in one of those countries and you cant go out because if you do you can get kidnaped, shot or robbed, and whenever you do, you risk your life.

With love and hope,

Andy Mendoza.     

Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

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