John G. Georgia

Guns Control and Criminals

Why guns are not the problem, criminals are

Dear President,

Guns have gained a lot of negative attention in the past years. It started with people saying that we need more gun control. But many other people and I disagree. Gun control is not the answer to this problem.  

If guns were taken away from everyone that owns a gun in the U.S, the murder rate would not decrease. Guns are not the only weapon used in violent crimes. Yes, if guns are outlawed the murder rate for guns specifically would decrease, but the murder rate with knives, baseball bats, or any other handheld weapon would increase. Because if guns are outlawed then people will turn to the weapons they could get their hands on and use them a lot more. But the gun murder rate would not decrease to zero percent. Because the criminals will find a way to get their hands on guns if they really wanted to through black market or any other type of illegal dealership. Which leads me into my next reason.

You would be in more danger if you were not allowed to own a gun because a criminal that somehow got a hold of a weapon illegally could rob you and you wouldn't be able to protect yourself in any way. Because if you tried to fight back, that criminal would shoot you. But if guns are legal you have a better chance of living or not getting injured because you can fight back in self defense and not get robbed or even shot.

Guns are not the problem with violent crimes. The criminals themselves are the problem. Because they will find a way to use a weapon to their advantage and the violent crime rate would not decrease.


John G.