Erica T. California

NO is NO

Rapists should be in jail no matter what.

Dear Future President,

I was on my social media, scrolling through my feeds I found a video about rapist getting out of the jail just in 3 months.  Rapist should be in jail for more than 15 years. Rape can lead to suicide, murder, and crippling depression. I don't understand why people don't get the difference between "Yes" and "No". If she/he says No, No is a No. I think rapist should be castrate or drugged (I don't know what to do with women).  They should know how it feels like to be raped, they should not be let it go this easy just like Brock Turner. He got out of the jail in less than a year just because he is white and well behaved. He also raped more than one woman and is now roaming free in United State. This is the problem, letting go  rapist is same thing as letting go a murder. Rape is a crime and if you don't see this as a problem,  you are the problem.

There are Men group who supports rape. They stated that if no one sees them raping then it should be legalized. This is a threat. Some people think its ok to rape, it's ok to harm and take other people's property. I am sick to the stomach knowing that this group of people are roaming around in US. These men should be in jail.

As in conclusion, I think rape should deal as serious matter and what the victim wear shouldn't be matter, if she/he says No, No is No. Rapist should be sentenced for more than 20 years with the punishment of castrate. They are monster, not a human being.

Sincerely, Erica