Vanessa P. Wisconsin


Racism seeks to divide and destroy, so why is this issue still happening today? No one is born hating another person because of their color, background or religion.

 Dear Future President,

One of the major issues in the United States is racism. Some people think this problem can simply be ignored, but that is not the solution. An NBC News Survey found that 52% of Americans believe that is an "extremely" or "very" serious problem. Not only does racism affect emotionally, but physically too. A group of researchers led by Northwestern University, have been studying these effects. ¨We saw a flattening of cortisol levels for both blacks and whites... The surprise was that this was particularly true for discrimination that happened during adolescence," said study lead author Emma Adam.

This isn't only affecting one race, but all. On early July this year, two black men were killed by officers in Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights. Several days later, five police officers were killed and nine more were injured by a gunman who told negotiators he wanted to kill white police officers in downtown Dallas at a protest against police brutality. This is one of many racial problems. Police officers swear an oath to protect and serve the citizens they represent. So why are there so many conflicts between police and citizens? We are to trust in them and they on us. But that is something that has not been shown lately due to the simple fact that racism is all around us. For example, when you go to a job application or even to fill out important paperwork, what do they always ask? Race. Should that even matter? 

How does racism affect our society? How did it begin? There are many answers for this. Back then, not many people left their home due to the fact that transportation was short. But as soon as the industrial revolution began, people began moving. as people left, some came. That is how people of different colors, backgrounds and religions met. the truth is, that by not liking someones way of living or simply not liking the color of their skin because it is not like yours, began all of this. It seems that racism has been here for so long that we would eventually overcome it. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As a child, you are reliant on your parents, and this is where is usually starts. If your parents told you growing up that all Mexicans were criminals or all Whites are liars or all Blacks are thugs, there is a possibility you will feel that way about them. Even if you doubted your parents and decided not to believe it, wouldn't you still feel a bit of discomfort and take caution? That is what I mean.

Now that I have stated opinions, events, examples and history about racism, what can we do to solve this? What can you, future president, do to help us? If we want to continue being the united country, then we have to come together. 

Best regards,


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