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Racial Discrimination

My letter to the president about racial discrimination.

Racial Discrimination

Dear Future President,

My name is Anthony and I am a junior in high school. I am speaking on racial discrimination, and I would like for you to acknowledge that it is real in more ways than one. African Americans and other races are often stereotyped and put into boxes based off of society perception, which leads to people not being treated fairly. This issue has been ignored for years upon years. We have attempted to have the conversation numerous times but, it’s very prevalent that it is being ignored.

For example, African Americans have been judged based on negative stereotypes for centuries and I have experienced that being a person who goes to a school that is majority Caucasian people. When I started coming here some of the students have tried to project those negative stereotypes on me. Which is the biggest insult ever. For example, I was asked by a Caucasian female if my father was in a gang and she even went on to ask if my father is in the household and with my mother. I was highly offended and she said it, out loud in the classroom which was embarrassing. I’ve also had other people at my school tell me that they would never date a black person and that their parents or grandparents will disown them if they do. Now, I understand that people most likely date from there own race and if that what you into, it’s understandable but when I asked for them to explain why they wouldn’t date outside their race it was all based on stereotypes. One even said that she feels like if she dated a black man, he would be “violent” and “aggressive” and she will feel so unsafe and I’m like, are you serious!? Most of the stereotypes they told me wasn’t even true.

There has even been studies that have shown that people will trust a light skinned colored man over a dark skinned man. There have been smart, educated black people who have been turned down jobs because of their names. Which is something I still don’t understand? So, I would love for someone to help me understand why a name effect a job? I know some people might say something about their names not being “professional” but I feel like, there job and how they conduct themselves should be the reason.

I feel like it is unfair for African american and other races in general to be discriminated. I understand how there have been some African Americans who have acted like that and have put that image out there, like on reality television and etc. But what people should understand is WE ALL DO NOT act like that. President, it is an issue I would like for you to addressed. As president, you are suppose to lead by example. We are NOT in the 60’s, there no need for discrimination or segregation.