Jazmine N. Michigan

Sexual Assault and Rape On College Campus

Rape is everywhere so why would it not be at college.

Dear future Madam or Mr. President,

1 in 5 women are raped and/or sexually assaulted and 1 in 16 men are raped or sexually assaulted in college. Yeah that is right, I said college. Rape culture is all over the world. Colleges’ are not the safe havens of the world. There are no hideaways. It is a scary thing to talk about but you can not just throw the topic away.

There are various major problems going on in the present world. One of them is sexual assault and rape on college campus. 11.2% of college students experience that traumatizing word. rape . out of that 11.2%, 2.2% are male and 8.8% are women. College women between the ages of 18-24 who are in college are 3x more likely to be the victim of rape or sexual assault that a non college student.(RAINN) rape and sexual assault should not be apart of the young adults college experience. You are suppose to be excited to go to college and not worry about being raped or sexually assaulted. College is supposed to be about meeting new friends and making memories and building a future not getting traumatized.

“When I reported violence to my school, I was told not to go to police. But I never would have told [the school] if I knew I was going to be forced into that option,” said a student from yale after people told her to not go to the police first go to the school simply because the school covers it up so people do not stop coming and applying to their college. (“Why don’t college…”) Colleges should not cover up something like this because it’s a human being with feeling not just a piece of trash you throw away and forget about. It makes college sound selfish and vain as if money only mattered to them. You are worth more than money can ever buy. Colleges should have more security guards that are on the students side and not in it for the college to just pay it off to cover it up also having more security cameras, the emergency post buttons, and rape whistles. Colleges also should just own up to the mischief because rape is in reality you can not just put a band-aid over it and cover it up.

Did you know that college male students are raped and sexually assaulted more than in prison.they say male students are more endangered than male inmates. 8.5% of women get sexually abused in prison that is 20% of women college students and 3.7% of males. That means half of male college rape is equivalent to the amount of rape and sexualt assault in prison(Robby-Soave). But yet we were all suppose to be afraid of prison because that is what we were told. So just because everyone tells you that college is safe...Think again.1


Jazmine N. Cozart

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