Shane North Carolina

Gun Laws

This letter asks what will be done about gun laws and shows argumentative points to both sides.

Dear Future President,

My name is Shane, and I am 16 years old. I have a question as to how the gun laws will change when you become president. Should guns be illegal if they are clearly legal in the second amendment? I see how people that think guns should be more monitored by the government and how some people think they should all be illegal. But my theory is that it's not the guns that kill people, it’s people themselves. The laws on guns we currently have are very fair and have good boundaries. It does not matter what the law is, with all the people we have in the US the laws at some point will get broken; that's just the human nature. From the day Adam and Eve ate off the tree to the most recent shoplifting charge, laws will always get broke because we don't live in a perfect world.

If someone buys a handgun and plans to use it for recreation, there should be no eye raised. Now if a person with multiple battery charges or assault buys one I can see the suspicion. The law about how convicted felons cannot get firearms in my eyes is a good but occasionally bad law. For example in my state of North Carolina is it a felony to steal pine straw from someone. While stealing is a terrible thing to do, if it is for something as small as pine straw then to me there should be a way for the felon to have a firearm whether it must be kept somewhere or he/she can have it certain days or anything like that.

The gun laws we have now are fine, and keeping guns in your possession should be fine as well as long as you qualify through a certain criteria. I believe that the Government should make a criteria to be able to posses a gun. Simple things like criminal record, age, post jobs and a personality sort of test. Now I’m not saying thoroughly examine someone but just to make sure no immediate red flags are thrown up.

In the end people can have as many guns as they want, as many knives, and weapons they want, but if the person is nice, takes care of their weapons, and is safe they will be okay. But on the other hand you can take all the criminal’s weapons, make him pay fines and so on but if he/she is ill minded and out for killing, hurting, or in any way harming people then that is what's going to happen. I do not think the US has a gun safety problem I believe that we have a people problem. I’m not the next president, so it is your call and your choice on what to do about it. Thank you for reading.