Jillian P. California

Stop Animal Abuse!

Animal abuse is a very bad thing and needs to be stopped. People aren’t doing enough and it needs to be changed.

Dear Future president, 

Imagine you're a dog, living alone on the streets your cold and have scraps and cuts all over your body. People have kick and abused you. This is how about 1 million animals feel like. How would you like that? Animal abuse is a problem that needs to be stopped because too many animals are abused, and it is mean and not right to abuse helpless animals.

Every year many many animals are abused and that number is way too many.In 2012 I adopted my cat. I found him at a local shelter. The people there said that they found him with his mother and 4 other siblings on the side of the road. They said someone had just left them there cause they didn’t want them. I adopted him when he was 4 weeks old, and love him so much. Did you know that according to The Human Society(Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats) over 1 million animals are abused a year. That is way to many and it needs to stop. Animal abuse is a bad thing and it should stop.

Animals abuse is mean and cruel, the animals are people too and don’t deserve it. If you have ever had a pet you would understand just how caring and loving that they can be. Animals don’t do anything to people to deserve abuse. Health Guide (Missimer) says that most people who abuse people are that think animals don’t deserve any respect. Animal are people too and matter like anyone else. Animal abuse is a cruel thing and needs to be stopped.

Some people may think that animal abuse it's a big problem but other may think it doesn’t matter.If you're the person who thinks that animal abuse doesn’t matter then maybe it doesn’t. Animal abuse my not matter to you because you're not the person getting abused or it’s just an animal. But that's not true animals are a living breathing creature which deserve love and attention. According to Do Something.org ( 11 Facts About Animal Cruelty) 5.4 million people around the world are helping animals but you need to make it more. People should care about animals they are just like you.

All in all animal abuse is a problem that needs to be stopped because too many animals are abused, and it is a mean and  not right to abuse helpless animals. Animals are helpless and they need your help.

Thank You,


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Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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