Elizabeth A. California

Equal Education

Future generations of our country and their education

Dear Future President,

The public school system was created so all students of any race and gender can go to any school and receive equal education. Although that’s its purpose, it is not being fulfilled. Schools in different communities have unequal distribution of education in the sense that many students go to school and get babysitted instead of taught. These schools have students of low income families and they can’t afford a proper education when it’s supposed to be free. The majority of these students are people of color and because of a stereotype that is being put on those students. The stereotype is that because they are of color they aren’t smart, will end up pregnant or in jail.

In my community the schools are very different compared to rich schools. In the community of Highland Park, Los Angeles we have great teachers and bright students but since we lack money we don’t get the same benefits the other schools have. Some benefits would include better college prep programs, sports, variety of courses, etc. All of which are not found entirely all throughout communities such as mine.

Some solutions for these problems could be taking these students seriously and therefore it will allow them to take their education seriously. Giving an equal share of money to schools so they can have the best and equal education.


Elizabeth Almeraya