Brayan California

Hiding Behind The Rainbow

I'm afraid to be who I really am

Dear Future President,

     There's a lot of issues I would like to discuss with you, but this is one of the biggest ones for me, considering that I could relate to it: Lgbt rights. It seems as each day goes on, we have less and less amount of rights. I'm not only talking about me when I say this but every single person out there  in the LGBT community. As a child I was taught by my parents that if I'm nice to others they'll be nice to me but why isn't it like that? My whole life I've been bullied by others because of my sexuality.This is a huge issue going around, but like most of the past issues, I'm sure that we'll get through it, but only if we start off with you, the audience, hearing us out!  I remember not caring about this problem as a kid, but now that I'm part of this problem, I realize that solving this issue will save many lives.

     Researchers have found that attempted suicide rates and suicidal ideas are most among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and questioning youths. This saddens me because there are people like me out there that are having thoughts about taking away their life (if they haven't already) just because they are they are being themselves. The scariest thing about all this is my fear of this happening to me. Growing up was very hard for me especially because I like the same sex, which eventually lead to the receiving of bullying and the unacceptance of my family towards homosexuality.

      One action we can take to reach this goal is to teach kids, teens, and even adults stop bullying others because of their sexuality all around their friends, teachers and even some family members that tell them to ignore any hate from people that shame them for loving what they love, but really, instead of telling people to ignore bullies why don't we tell bullies to stop bullying? Doing this will awaken people to stop the majority of bulling if not all of it. For example, my boyfriend and I can't even walk around holding hands because we get ashamed of who we are. I personally get really scared to walk around other people while they watch me and my boyfriend walking together because deep inside me I know that they are judging us.

      Considering that not so long ago there was a mass shooting in Orlando in a gay nightclub where 50 people were killed because of a man's hatred towards LGBT people,Goi this gets me extremely terrified knowing that there is so much hatred out there that can hurt me mentally and even to the point where people can hurt me physically. I hope that you will hear me out and make some changes this community because I want to know how it feels to express myself the way I want without being judged by others. I hope this stops the amount of bullying because if you're like me, you go through so much but can't even talk about your problems with your parents because you're afraid even they will hate you for it.