David N. California

Teen Suicide

Make Teenager's Lives Great Again

Dear Future President,

I believe the issue of teen suicide is really important. We’re talking about our future generation and possibly a generation of great things. Revolutionary changes are bound to be in the hands of these teens, but they don’t know it yet. Don’t you think it’s necessary to keep the death rate at a low time or perhaps eliminating the issue completely? These teen deaths are increasingly dangerous to the nation and to our neighboring countries. Without these teens, our country will not move forward to technological advances and environmental changes. I believe these kids must be stop from hurting themselves or others around them. The cause of teen suicide is very broad, involving their personal lives or problems outside of their homes. Depression, birth defects, illness, etc. are influencing the teen’s minds that they do not belong somewhere or they’re only in the way of other people’s lives. However, this is not true at all. The fact is teen suicide can be prevented if the problem was acknowledged. A small discussion or conversation between here and there can reach out to the teen on so many levels and they’ll feel better about themselves. There are many approach to bringing up the topic, but a slow, meaningful meeting is all the suicidal teen can ever asked for. The voices of the American teens shouldn’t be kept quiet. They have the right to freedom of speech and I believe we can prevent teen suicides with our loving support reaching out to them.