Michael E. California

Police Brutality

Police brutality is a huge issue and must come to a solution. The United States are encountering more cases each year.

Dear Future President,

Take notice on how big of an issue police brutality is in the United States. The United States has encountered multiple police brutality cases this year. From Michael Brown all the way to Eric Garner. It has been a huge problem over the past few years and the situation is not improving.

In 2014 a Daily Dot article displays ten police brutality cases that were caught on camera. The article also argues that police officers have not acted responsibly within protocol. It also talks about a victim who was choked to death by police officers and was denied first aid after being set unconscious and the medical examiner blames his death on the police.

Police brutality was also an issue in 2015 as well. In October 2015 an article states 95 people have been killed by police in just the month of October. This shows that the situation has gotten worse rather than better.

Then this year 2016, a video of an African American man named Charles Kinsey was shot in the leg while lying down with his hands in the air trying to comply with the officers was published. A 911 call was placed saying there is a latino kid holding an object looking like a gun. When officers arrive at the scene, the latino kid and Kinsey were in the middle of the street. Kinsey lies on his back with his hands in the air telling the officers the kid has autism and he is a behavioral therapist in the group home the kid lives in. Kinsey said in an interview “I had my hands in the air and telling the officers there is no need for guns please don’t shoot us”. This case is highly significant because Kinsey posed no threat whatsoever, was lying down calmly asking the officers to not use their weapons and he still gets shot. These cases show that police brutality is still a problem in the united states and it needs to be stopped. A possible solution to this issue is to have officers to have body cams active at all times so it will not be an excuse for the officers to say that the body cams were not working. This solution will be reliable because the incidents caught on camera were caught by civilians. Therefore the public will have footage of the officer’s perspective and less police brutality cases will be occurring since the officers will be monitored. Another solution is having harsher punishments for officers committing police brutality rather that just putting them on an administrative leave. It would help put a scare in police officers to be more careful when conducting an arrest.

So future president, Here is my proposal for you when you get into office. Police brutality and unlawful shootings will still be a problem unless something is done now .Please do not be a footnote on the wrong side of history.



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