Malkolm Lacey Illinois

College Tuition

Malkolm Lacey

Dear Future President 

I believe college tuition should be reduced based on your social class. For example if the college minimum tuition per year is 13,988 dollars including fees and you live in low class home your tuition should be reduced by 40%. After it's reduced, the total would about 5,595. College is already expensive, and most students leave college with a high amounts of debts. 68% who graduated in 2015 had a student loan debt of 30,000. That's a pretty high number for school, and later in life if the debt is not paid for the debt can increase overtime. 

I believe if college is more affordable there would be a higher graduation rate overall. Some students drop out due to the high tuition rate. I would hate to be 60,000 in debt which is a large investment in my self. Also not every family has upper class social status and is able to provide assistance for college tuition. In Ontario, Canada, it only costs 2768 a year for college.

In conclusion, I believe college tuition should be affordable for every one in the US. College tuition will be affordable one day. College is really expensive and can hurt you and your family especially when you debt is more than their yearly income.


Malkolm Lacey