Ezra G. Iowa

The animal abuse

Animal abuse must be stopped

Dear next president,

I am a Christen  boy from Oskaloosa Iowa I Live on a pig farm. I go to Oskaloosa christen school and I am the last child of 11 and I am 12 year old

I am writing to you about animal abuse. Did you know that over 115 million animals are kill for experience worldwide for being test with drug food and chemicals. And there are people who capers pig.And then they cut the tusks and put them in a cages with a dog and thy fight .This is bad for the dog and pig because they fight to the death

This issue matters to me because I see dog in a cages.And these dog are not get fed and not gets water or walked.This one person leaves his dog in cage with vines growing in and on the cage.The only good thing is that there's lots of shade.Just think if you were a dog what would you like to be treated like.

You should care about this issue because I mean.Whut if you had a dog.And you love that dog and it whould run up and at the bus after you got home.You would throw the ball and set your stuff down and keep playing.But your dog had to go to a nieber.Ever time you when by the dog wus out in the snow cold no food no shelt.You should do somthing about it in the world lots of dog are like this.

If a person come and ask for a dog. Go to their house make that ware thare staying is good and clean if so let them take the dog and they must bring it in every 3 months.And you find some of these legal fight in the south.Make a law that says no betting on dog fight.And no experiments on animals

If I was not a christen I would says keep go there just animals.But they are not there God creation. Genesis 1:26 Says β€œThen God said let us make man in our image in our likeness.And let them rule over the fish of the sea.And the bird of the air over the livestock over all the earth.And over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

Please chance animal abuse wut if your pet got abused.

God Bless

Ezra Groenenboom