brody s. Virginia

gun control

gun control should not be a thing because people use guns to defend themselves.

Dear sir or madam preferably the sir because nobody likes crooked Hilary. My name is Brody and i am writing to you on the behalf of gun control. Gun control should not be a thing because people use guns to defend themselves in life or death situations. If gun control becomes a thing then the government. will have to go door to door and collect everyone's guns. A better idea is to let everybody keep their guns and just run background checks on everybody. An example of this is if somebody is being robbed and somebody gets beat up and can't defend themselves. They can pull out their gun and pump them full of lead. 

An example of this is some body is just walking down the street and then they get jumped and the person that is getting jumped pulls out a gun and fires a warning shot and then the person runs away. if this person had not had a gun on them they probably would not have gotten away alive. Another example of this is a person is sitting in their living room and  then somebody just breaks into their house and starts robbing them then they can pull out their gun and light them up. Then they will call the police and explain what happened. Not every time people are going to shoot to kill must of the time they are going to shot to disarm.    

A solution to this problem is we run background checks on everybody. If they do not pass the background test then they are not aloud to have guns. Another reason that people should be aloud to have guns is because if there were a home invasion and people were trying to raid your house then you could defend yourself and your house instead of getting everything stolen and you possible dying. also the second amendment allows american citizens to own guns so, therefore we are allowed to own guns. the second amendment says that we have a right to bear arms. People say that gun control will reduce gun deaths but this is not true because people die from people trying to rob others or from gang wars and things like that.  I thank you for taking your time to read this Mr or Mrs president.       

Eastern View High School

English 11 Standard

Ms. Licata's 4th block English 11 class.

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