Nasir S.

Gun Violence

This letter is with regards to a worldwide issue...Gun Violence. I will be discussing things such as, gun violence statistics, ways to prevent gun violence, why I think it is important to me, and what I insist that the government do in regards to putting an end to gun violence.

Dear future President,

Imagine a teenage ‘black’ male walking home, from his friends house, in broad daylight. As this educated, young , black, man is walking home, he notices another teenage black male who seems to be following him. Same direction. Same pavement. As he gets closer, he stalls the young, black male and demands that he give him a bag of marijuana. Being the educated male that he is, he informs the other teenager that he doesn’t have marijuana. The other teenager points a gun to his face, instantly. Without any last words, the young, black, man was shot and killed.   

Many U.S. citizens are suffering from gun violence and  losing loved ones around the country. Daily, we are informed of situations that fall in line with gun violence whether someone was brutally shot to death, a mass shooting took place, or another “police brutality” incident had occur. What are we supposed to do to put a stop to such tragedy, to something that causes unexpected or unconditional death in a family? How do we contribute and persuade to stop gun violence? Is there a possibility that it could end? Do we need to make another law that causes a stop to such madness? Regardless, I implore that gun violence should be put to an end.  

Statistically, the U.S. has the highest suicide rate as far as developed countries, in which most male and female victims that commit suicide are white, while the rest are black.  According to the Philadelphia inquirer, “more than 14,500 people have been shot in Philadelphia”. Also, there’s an average of  “1 shooting for every six hours”. Who is affected? Those who lose family members or their own life by this issue are the ones that are affected. When this issue is encountered, those people who encounter it are mentally haunted, not knowing what to do next in life, how much of an effect the issue has caused in their life, or how to move on with the situation. This particular issue is very important because it stalls life and causes our economy to drop.

According to the APA inquirer, “mental health treatment can prevent gun violence”. In my opinion, another cause to prevent gun violence could be to establish a law where you can only wield a firearm if you work under authority, in which you will then be licensed to hold a firearm, such as a police officer, marine, Navy Seal etc, but, then when you are retired they take all of your weapons away. I feel that they could also take down weapon shops. I hope that the next president addresses this situation and works hard to prevent gun violence for the sake of the lives of the U.S. citizens all around the world.


Nasir Serrano

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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