Jake Michigan

Social Status

This essay represents the struggle that teens are faced with today, and gives evidence on how people are consumed with the idea of popularity.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Jake Marsh, and I would like to bring a topic to your attention that I find important for the future of America. During the sixteen years of my life on earth, I have noticed that people (Mostly people between the age of twelve and twenty one.) are compelled to be just like their friends. Besides doing well and school, and maintaining a healthy life, there are other standards in life that people feel that they must reach. Not only is this a major topic of discussion, but it is a major issue that must be resolved immediately. Most people in their early age spend the majority of their time focusing on their looks, as well as their social status, as compared to things that truly matter in life such as friends and family. Being the age I am, I can relate to why people may be this way. However, I firmly believe that this is out of control. What our society neglects to see is that people are pressured to make poor decisions throughout their lives, and are simply focused on being likable to others, rather than enjoying life as it goes without the need to worry.

As a sixteen year old man, I can personally relate to the topic of social status In a high school setting. Being the age I am, I am exposed to a wide range of people everyday. Some are quite similar to me, others are not so similar. But as someone who does not have the largest friend group, or isn't very “Popular.” In my grade, I can definitely relate to the pressure my age group is feeling. However, through the access of social media outlets, People are able to create an image of what others want to see. As mentioned in an article from csmonitor.com, “The popular kids who also tend to be the trend-setters may be acutely aware of the expectations of the "cool" peer group, and may therefore be more susceptible to engaging in behavior that helps them fit in.” From my perspective, I am a firm believer that making small dumb decisions, will only hurt you in the long run. I disagree with the popular belief of alcoholism at a young Age, I disagree with being being involved in situations that involve anything with drug usage, and/or having sexual relations at such a young age. In the year of 2016, I am surrounded by this. Whether it be a photo on social media, or even peers talking in public. These childish actions are susceptible to an increase in popularity for a majority of time, however it will fade over time.

As the future president of the United States, I would like you to make a change with this problem immediately. I have provided you with evidence as to how popularity is affecting people's behavior, as well as their outlook on life. In most high schools, you more often than not see posters and campaigns advertising many other issues than popularity. How often do you hear or see anything that mentions treating everyone with equal respect and spreading positivity? I would like to see schools promote positive behavior and actions, whether it be through assemblies or vague announcements. One might be surprised as to how much a simple reminder throughout the day can make a difference. It is certainly something to consider but I wholeheartedly believe a change could be made; and that change starts with you.


Jake Marsh