Lauren O. Michigan

Ending Child Hunger In America

How we can end the child hunger epidemic in America.

Dear Mr/Madam President,

With all of the commotion of our daily lives we don’t think much about our food consumption. Although hunger in our country seems to be a cliche issue nowadays it is still, and will continue to be, a major problem in our society. Specifically, child hunger has been affecting thousands of children across the United States. There are many statistics on this topic but those numbers don’t give a justice on the emotional heartbreak of what is occurring in these children’s personal lives. The facts are very frightening but I believe there is still a way to address this issue.

To begin, I agree that by building up small organizations that help prevent hunger it will allow child hunger to dwindle. Throughout the United States people seeking change have made small organizations which makes them hope to prevent the spread of hunger on a more minimal, community-based level. By increasing tax dollars on the wealthy, well fed U.S. citizens, we can take those tax dollars to help donate money to organizations that will allow them to stock up their food storage and stay funded. Organizations such as Blessings In A Backpack as well as and Feeding America will be able to fulfill their philosophies that every child will go home knowing that there will be a meal waiting for them to eat.

Most Americans would disagree that by raising tax dollars the money would immediately go towards helping children and their families with financially aiding their needs food wise. I agree this may be hard to achieve but by linking those tax dollars with state-made organizations, such as the ones listed above, we will be able to put an end to the spread of hunger in the United States. The fourteenth amendment speaks of equality in our country. Since the United States is solely based on the importance of equality I believe that everyone should have an equal chance of staying happy and healthy as far as nutrition goes. By using these tax dollars it will allow U.S. citizens to be indirectly fed and prevent malnutrition.

Secondly, by educating our children on the connection between poverty and hunger, it will make them more self aware when eating and purchasing food items in the future. On it states that In the USA, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. The website explains that in order to prevent this waste of food you must make people aware of the amount of food they purchase at the store to know how much is too much. Also, by eating in smaller portions you are less likely to throw out the rest of your plate. And finally, by saving your food and donating money to organizations that help prevent the spread of hunger, you will help our nation push forward to end starvation. Since children are our future we must make them aware of the scary reality around them. By notifying children we can help change the statistics and help end this epidemic.

Finally, by encouraging healthier lifestyles, we can help put a stop to hunger in America. Just the opposite of hunger, obesity is also a severe issue in our nation. By encouraging and pushing obese citizens to take part in healthier lives through PSA commercials and the spread of hunger awareness, we could split some people’s diets in half which could potentially feed thousands of hungry children across the states. These are only a few ways we could help spread awareness and prevent the spread of hunger.

To conclude, I believe that one of the most important issues in the United States is child hunger. I think that by making citizens more aware of the terrible situation and allowing them to realize how close this is to their own lives, we could change the mindset of america and help prevent the spread of hunger. Before we rush in to help those in third-world countries, I think we should first narrow in on the hidden issues of citizens who live in America but who feel as if they lived in a impoverished country. Thank you.


Student Lauren Ormsby 

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele ELA 10 Honors 1st Hour

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