Zach D. Kentucky


Bullying is bigger than what people think.

My letter to the next president is about bullying. This subject is very personal to me because I went though it when I was younger. People tell me that bullying isn't that big of a deal; however, an estimated 22% of students report bullying each school year. This number would be much higher when you account for the number of cases that go unreported. Some of the reasons kid's get bullied include: personal looks, body shape, and race. 19.6% of high school student's report the bullying. 14.8% report being bullied online. Sometimes it can affect someone to the point where they could try suicide. People always say "Well if i was getting bullied I wouldn't kill myself." And people can't really say the, because if they were getting bullied they would not know what to do. People also think that it will go away–but it's very hard to get away from it now because of social media. These days, that's where it happen's the most, because people can hide behind their screens.