Jessica C. New Jersey

Social Networking

I am for Social Networking!

Dear President-elect Trump,

Social Networking, the go to source, what we rely on for information. Now President-elect Donald Trump, I’m writing to you on what Social Networking has done for us. Social Networking has provided us with so many great things. It excelled the way we learn, it has connected many people from around the world. Social Networking has a huge influence on our generation, it empowers us to do social good.

2.34bn people use Social Networking worldwide, and about 78% of Americans use it. That is a huge amount of our nation, imagined how much we could do, how connected we could be. When an event occurs, you can bet the first place you will see it is Social Networking. Another powerful use business, especially for business women. Social Media empowers them, connects them with other women, and overall keeps them motivated. What would happen if we had none of this, no connection, no educational growth, no growing businesses. What would America Be?

We would be robbed of so many benefits, so many opportunities, we could have. That is why we need to keep Social Networking growing, and keep the opportunities flowing! Our generation is filled with technology, technology that is helping shape our future. Why should we be the people to stop something that is so great. As a school student myself, I love the education part that social networking provides. Social networking helps me gather information for projects, gather images for projects, and even submit class work. We shouldn’t be taking this away, or even any of these things away. We should be helping them grow and strive, let’s continue to make Social Networking great!


Jessica C.