adeline a. California

Stop the Abuse

Stop animal abuse and mistreatment in the U.S.

Dear future president,

I am writing you to address the issue of animal misuse and abuse in our country. Throughout our society, animals are mistreated daily whether they’re farm animals, those used for science, or family pets. We only have one law protecting animals from misuse and mistreatment. This is called the Animal Welfare Act, but there are flaws in this single law that allow animals to be mistreated. I want to solve this issue and create more laws to protect animals of all kinds.

The animal welfare act was made to regulates the treatment of animals in research, exhibition, transport, and by dealers, but this act only protects 10% of animals because it excludes cold-blooded animals (fish, reptiles, and amphibians), as well as farmed animals raised for food and fiber or used in agricultural research—e.g., cows and pigs.That is not right we can’t only have only some animals be protected all animals should be treated kindly not just pets. Not only does it exclude 90% of animals but animals that are used for farming, hunting and research. This means that even those 10% can still be mistreated for research or farming.For example, an individual who starved his chicken “for no good reason” could be prosecuted. However, in the poultry industry it is accepted practice to starve hens to induce their feathers to molt. In this forced molting, hens are deprived of any food for up to 14 days as a means of boosting egg production. Although this causes extreme suffering and violates basic agricultural provisions, forced molting is standard industry wide, and it would be argued that the practice is justifiable and necessary to meet public demand for eggs.All animals can still be mistreated and abused as long as it is for good reason.

Even though there is a law protecting these animals there must be more than one. We need to protect all animals from abuse, mistreatment, and misuse. There is no justice for these helpless animals. If you refuse to create new laws then we must enforce the one we have. Right now there is no justice for these animals currently being abused there is no one who watches these animals to insure they are being properly treated and cared for.we need someone to make sure.

There is also abuse, and mistreatment in the business involving animals, especially those involving horses. The racing industry is full of visible abuse. During races riders beat horses with cros to make them run faster. Then there are the carriage horses in new york they are forced to work in all conditions for hours on end without food or water then at the end of the work day they are pushed up stairs to stand in stalls so small they can’t lay down in them. In tennessee they have the big lick which is when horses have an unnatural gait. To  this they put harmful chemicals on the feet of the horse so it is painful when they step. This process is called soring.

I hope after reading this you will take some form of action to stop this abuse, misuse, and mistreatment of animals. These animals are suffering for no reason and going without justice so please enforce more laws, and push the one we have, and minimize animal testing.


Adeline Aduddell 

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