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The article is about how racism is affecting the community.

  Dear President,

Hi my name is Nyssa Padilla I am an 8th grader in San Diego California the school I go to is called HSHMC.Have you ever thought about how racism affects the community? I chose this because people are doing bad thing,and making bad choices. Latinos and other races other than white are being beaten to death or killed by racist police officers . If racism keeps happening then there will be more wars and will cause our community to fall apart. African American. One important quote that I found in research about my topic is “ the main person who is hurting is god because he didn’t create us to hold a grudge for all the slavery in back in the days when our ancestors were slaves and white people abused black people.” Also one color of skin can cause a lot of social and economic barriers in our society.

I chose racism because it’s not fair that whites are getting lesser sentence than other races. Police officers and americans use stereotypes and think they know the person that they are talking about but in reality they don’t who they are. Everyone are born with a race and that’s when others decide whether or not people treat you equally. The reason why African Americans can’t walk up to a group of whitemen is because society has created a fear. Racism is tearing our country apart. What i think is how are americans special we are equal there is no race that is more perfect than the others.

This topic is important because people are being judged based on the pigment of their skin. 21% of americans will get a college degree and only 13% of african americans will get a college degree. 41% unharmed people that were killed by police officers were african americans. Evidence that I got from a website www.dosomething.org and it states “Young african americans is more of a chance to get shot by a police officer than a young white man.”In my opinion I believe that it is no fare that whites are being treated better than the other races also how little kids have to deal with racism too. People always wonder why there is wars between whites and the other race well i believe it’s because of all the racism and stereotypes.

The one thing that bothers me the most about racism is how kids are having to deal with it.I believe that racism is worse when kids have to deal with it. In an article i read it stated that “ Freddy Gray was 25 when he lost his life after a brutal encounter. But he was still dealing with racism when he was younger.” It is sad how African American parents have to deal with teaching their kids about racism and how they have to deal with it. It upsets me seeing kids and adults dealing with these problems and how some can’t fight back because they end up getting hurt or killed.

Future President please find a way to stop racism so everything can be better. 




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