Stephanie California

Stop the Wrong People from Recieving Guns

Millions of innocent children and adults have died due to guns. In order to prevent this from happening we need stricter gun laws to make America a safer place.

October 13, 2016

Dear Future President,

One of my biggest concerns is gun control. This is a very controversial and frustrating topic for both pro-gun and anti gun supporters. Guns are very simple, just like a car they do what they were made to do. Guns shoot, whether it be for good or for bad deeds. We are the greatest country in the world but we have the highest rate of death resulting from guns.

The number of people affected by gun violence in America is devastating. “There are too many victims of gun violence because we make it too easy for dangerous people to get guns in america” Their research shows that in 2011, one-fifth of the 100,000 people shot in USA were children and teens. Currently, background checks do not include charges in non-criminal offenses such as domestic violence and mental health. Creating stricter gun control would keep guns away from those who may become violent with the possession of dangerous weapon.

Even though the United States populates only five percent of the world, we own almost 50 percent of civilian guns worldwide. Stricter gun control laws help keep the public safe from heavy artillery weapons. There is proof that stricter laws succeed in protecting the public. According to the Macmillan Social Science Library, the 1994 Brady Law required background checks and a five day waiting period for them. Assaults involving guns dropped 12.4 percent, violent crimes from guns decreases by 35 percent and more than 500,00 convicted felons were prevented from purchasing gun. After the 1989 ban on importing assault rifles,the number of rifles used in homicides fell by 45 percent the very next year.

Stricter gun control is a vital factor in making the United States a better, safer country.With better gun control, we would not see the tragedies we see on the news everyday. There have been many accidents that have ended the lives of everyday citizens and even children. If their access been limited,they would be alive today. Guns have been used in multiple school shooting.Mr. or Mrs. President with more oversight eliminating these types of guns, we could read about accomplishments from these schools instead of their tragedies! Guns are too easily available and people do not respect the power and abuse it. If we cut down who can be responsible with a gun and do more background checks, we can feel better about the people owning it. It may be a hassle, but it will save lives and will be worth it. Better gun control will save lives,reduce violence and result in less shootings. Let take actions on gun control and gun related violence by restricting the use of it and find out who been using them and reduce the number of tragedies that are occurring and might still occur in our great county.


Stephanie Hunt

Rancho Bernardo High School


Mrs. Ugalde's sophomore writers

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