Nicole N. California

Stop Terrorist Attacks

Why keep letting these things happen when we have a voice, and we can make a difference? You can help too.

Dear Future President,

I'm writing because i'm concerned about the frequent happenings of terroristic attacks. Terrorist attacks have been eventfully happening, it's a problem because many innocent lives are being lost because we are not giving enough concern to limit these attacks. For example, ¨According to the GTD, 80 Americans were killed in terrorist attacks from 2004 to 2013, including perpetrators and excluding deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq, the majority of which are combat related. Of those 80 Americans killed, 36 were killed in attacks that occurred in the United States.¨ This issue needs your attention because so many innocent people are being killed and injured because we are not doing enough to stop and prevent these attacks.

Terrorist attacks are a big concern that should be taken seriously because if we do not do anything the number of attacks will increase if we show no care toward the issue. As stated on the Global Terrorism Database; , ¨In several countries including Afganistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, the Phillipenes, Syria and Turkey, terrorist attacks, total deaths due to terrorist attacks increased sharply 2015¨. Many countries such as the one quoted due to terrorist attacks increased dramatically in 2015. We need to take action before the number of attacks increase even more.

If we do not do anything to limit the number of terrorist attacks happening more and more innocent people will lose their lives. Based on the findings of The New York Times ¨In total more than 1,200 people outside of Iraq and Syria have been killed in attacks inspired or coordinated by the Islamic state, according to a New York Times analysis.¨ There are over 1,200 people not including Iraq or Syria have been killed in terrorist/or inspired terrorist attacks planned by the Islamic State. To protect ourselves we cannot just do nothing, they will just continue these unexpected attacks. We need to make a move and do something, and it will start with our future president.

Hence, our next president should focus on terrorist attacks and how to prevent them. By doing this we can save many innocent people's lives. Our next president should take initiative. Our next president should focus on decreasing the amount of terrorist attacks, but this action starts with us as a community, as a nation.


Nicole Nijmeh 

Bernal Intermediate

Mrs. Fresh's Freshest Class

We are the leaders of tomorrow and we care. We have astonishing points of view on society and the challenges we need to deal with. We are one of few 8th grade classes who are writing, talking and standing up for our cause whether it be discrimination or corruption we have no fear, we will stand!. We are very passionate about our issues even though we can't vote. We still have a voice and want to be heard!

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