sophia Michigan

I Speak About Abuse

Abuse is bad, and it needs to stop. I am here to talk about how and why there should be more laws against abuse.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I have something to talk to you about, something that's so bad and needs to stop. Child abuse. 

I have done tons of research on this subject,and well I want it to stop.Kids are getting hit thrown and more and no one has done something about it. Now I know you made it a law but parents are still hurting or maybe even killing their kids. It's just sad to see a innocent little boy or girl getting abused by their own parents. Some kids can't tell anyone because there parents threaten them. Why haven't we stopped this major problem. I know you have been busy but these kids are getting hurt daily and i need you to make it stop.

I don't want to see these kids get hurt.It has been getting worse over the years and its just sad to know what these parents are doing to there children. It's not just kids that are getting hurt it can be marriage too. Sometimes parents are so drunk or mad that they don't know that they're hurting their kids.

Now here is some things that i think that will help abuse. One of my reasons is that make child abuse a bigger consequence for the abuser. Another one of my reasons is that make abuse a better law make it have a bigger consequence. Sometimes you might have a babysitter in your home so put cameras in your home so that you know what the babysitter is doing so that if she/he does something bad your kids won't be in harm. Another simple one is to use C.P.S if you are in harms way call C.P.S they are there for a reason. So next president if you are reading this then please fix these problems .