Ivonne Missouri

Why Is College Necessary?

College is a perquisite for a better life and we need to help the students in debt. College tuition and fees are gradually rising and this needs to change.

                                                             Why Is College Necessary?

Dear Future President,

As a future Latina voter, I am very concerned about this presidential debate, and I hope that these next 4 years or 8 will improve and make a good impact in America. Many students do not go to college because college is too expensive for the students. Higher education is a prerequisite, and not a privilege. College is a prerequisite for a better life. College is the key to success. People can achieve great things if they could just go to college. In what way will free college affect the average college student and the economy? There will be more college graduates and more successful people that could make a good impact in the world. Making college free will also make more jobs for people and that will improve the economy. Most good paying jobs do not hire people who just have their high school diploma, and the job or company require someone who has graduated from college. That is another reason why college should be free.  Also, I know a friend who is trying her hardest at school, but she will most likely not attend college because her parents have other expenses and her parents cannot afford to send her to a good prestigious college. She is thinking about getting student loans, but she will end up in a big debt. In other words, college being expensive causes problems to students who just want go farther in their education. Students cannot achieve their goals and dreams because of college being so expensive. This is the reality of many students, and this needs to change.

If everyone says that education is the key to success, then education should be free and accessible. Everyone wants success, but education is not something everyone can access. The prices go sky high, and the students go down low in debts. Why does the government drown the students in debts and ruin their lives? College tuition are gradually increasing and that makes it almost impossible for students to pay college without student loans. According to the info-graphic "Paying for College" on the website www.usnews.com/payingforcollege, a website providing info-graphics regarding topics from college tuition cost to average college tuition loans and fees.  For public instate colleges, they charge about $8,709, the average cost for out of state public is about $19,867, the average college tuition for a private college is about $31, 381. Students have to go to college and sometimes students have more than one job just to pay some part of their college. Thank you for taking your time for reading and I hope you consider this letter because I truly care about the future of America.



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