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The world needs our help!

Hello, my name is Michael Ma and I am a senior enrolled in East-West School of International Studies in Flushing, NY. And the world needs our help.

Dear Mister or Madam President, 

Hello, my name is Michael Ma and I am a senior enrolled in East-West School of International Studies in Flushing, NY. Currently, I am in a Participation of Government class where my teacher, Mr.Pierini is teaching us how we as the youth of our generation, can become more involved in our government. I wanted to bring your attention to a current issue that not only we face, but the entire world faces as well.

It is clear to the world and has been scientifically proven that global warning is a real thing, and that it is occurring right now. Global warning is an issue to this country because, we the great country of America, is one of the main contributors to increasing the damaging effects global warning has brought on the world. Because of global warning, polar ice caps are melting, causing several animal species to become endangered, as well as increasing the sea level, thus causing environmental issues as well. I am sure you are aware that during President Obama's term, he has worked with several different countries to lower the amount of carbon dioxide being exposed to the atmosphere.

Our climate has changed over the past several years, increasing temperature to most areas of the world. According to a 2011 chart of the global countries carbon dioxide emissions, America alone has contributed to 27% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, making it one of the leading countries in destroying the world. This number has probably increased over the years now that it is 2016. Several scientists has proven that America can reduce this number if they act right now, stating that U.S. can dramatically reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and nearly phase-out coal by 2030 while saving consumers and businesses money by investing primarily in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

I believe that in order for us as a country to make a change and lead an example to the rest of the world, that we must first lower the amount of charcoal, coal, and fossil fuel emissions that we produce. This can be done by switching to a more energy efficient and more greener energy source such as solar light or electricity. We can also make laws to promote the idea of not wasting anything that we can reuse or recycle. By passing these laws, we can lower the amount of waste we produce as well as reduce of the amount of landfill we produce that is damaging our environment and oceans. 

If we work together with other countries and with ourselves as one whole community, we will set standards and improve relations for future generations.  Also we will not only change the world for the better, but we will save the world for ourselves as well as renew resources that we need for our everyday life. In general, if you want to start of your term strong, please consider this letter and focus on the most pressing issue on our hands: saving the world! 


Michael Ma(Class of 2017) 

East-West School Of International Studies


East-West School of International Studies

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