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Over The Rainbow, LGBTQ Rights

A letter about issues that LGBTQ people are facing, and support.

Dear Next President,

I have friends who identify as LGBTQ, and I have seen them have to choose between living as themselves or staying with their families. It is so hard for me to see how people don’t accept others because of their sexuality. It is hard to start a new life, especially alone and without the family you think is going to love you no matter what. Now, more than before, there are more people admitting their sexual ordination, and now within the community, there are a lot of issues of inequity, rights taken away, and discrimination being used toward LGBTQ people. LGBTQ people should have rights in our society just like everyone else. There should be new laws that protect LGBT and make it illegal for anyone who is willing to discriminate or take away their rights, so as prohibits new laws that are against LGBTQ.

Gay marriage law has been made but yet there are laws that discriminate against LGBTQ, which allow people to treat them differently due to their sexual orientation. According to the Los Angeles Times Newspaper, a man with a gun attacked a gay club he killed 50 of them and 53 of them wounded, this massacre happened in Orlando. This is very painful to the LGBTQ community, they wouldn't feel safe and as we know part of our law is to make everyone safe as much as possible. “There were 24 reported bias-motivated killings of L.G.B.T. people in 2015, a 20 percent rise from the year before, she said. Most of the victims were transgender and gender nonconforming minorities.” (Stack, 2016). Motivating hate movements is something that our society and the law should not encourage, and it's basically saying it is okay to kill people, but it doesn't sound that bad when it comes to LGBTQ which is absolutely unfair. According to Associated Press, adapted by Newsela staff, “ In March, North Carolina lawmakers held a special meeting where they passed a law. The law says gay and transgender people do not have to be treated equally.” This shows that LGBTQ has no human rights, and just because of their identity the society is isolating them, this not fair that even the law is being against them, which the law is supposed to be the one who protects everyone.

The environment around LGBTQ people is not welcoming them or showing them support, they isolate them from our society, why? I really don’t know exactly, but I guess LGBTQ people don’t seem human enough to others. According to Washington Post, adapted by Newsela staff, “The bathroom law says that people can only use the bathroom that matches the gender they were born with. A person's gender is whether they are male or female.” To those who aren’t part of the LGBTQ community they won’t mind that, but those who are part of the LGBTQ community this law is unnecessary, and it just force people to do things that they don’t feel okay doing it. LGBTQ people won’t feel safe if even the people around them are not accepting them, which absolutely humiliating to make laws against other do to who they are. “gays could be prevented from serving on juries in federal courts in California and other Western states.” (Los Angeles Times, 2014). This shows that in law LGBTQ people voices can not be heard and they can’t represent different parts of our government and do to their saxaul ordination they are being judged and being treated unfairly in many different circumstances. According to Associated Press, adapted by Newsela staff, “The state of Indiana passed a law last week. The law is the state's religious-freedom law. Some people say that the law is bad for people who are gay. They say the law will let people treat them unfairly.” Laws and more laws against LGBTQ people is being made, which seems that in our government and constitution we are not really using “All Men Created Equal” we need more critical thinkers, more open minded people and more lawmakers that understand and believe that every deserves the same rights.

Many possible solutions could be made, and one way you could bring up new laws to our community. Creating laws that prohibit others to discriminate against LGBTQ people will prevent a lot of issues, as we know people are afraid of laws sometimes, so they will be afraid of harassing, harming, stopping, or discriminating against LGBTQ people. In schools, there should be more education about being LGBTQ or having LGBTQ in our communities and how to not discriminate, by that every generation will take that with them and will benefit LGBTQ so as the whole community. Creating a safe community for others isn’t a hard thing, if the leaders of our society accept the difference and support people no matter what, and use our land of liberty to change and develop the world by being the best community toward LGBTQ people and everyone else so the rest can follow.





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