T'Nia D. Louisiana

Racial Equality in the Criminal Justice System

We thought racial discrimination was over after the Civil Rights Act in 1965. Today America still stands racially divided. Racism has spread so hastily that it has corrupted the criminal justice system.

Dear Future President,

I am concerned about racial equality and the criminal justice system in the United States. Most Americans believed that the Civil Rights Act put an end to the discrimination of race, sex, ethnicity and religion. However, we still see prejudice as a major issue in this country. 24%of the 715 people killed by the police were African American. The killing of African Americans by officers has become a nationwide epidemic.

The Department of Justice reports that police officers pull over and search African Americans and Latina 80% more than Whites. Is it fair, is everyone being treated equally? We both know the answer is โ€œno.โ€ As president of the United States, you have the power to put an end to such corruption. You can get the country to see that if we live in harmony with each other and treat all equally, we will be a stronger nation.Children should not have to worry about their parents, brothers and sisters being killed by the ones who are supposed to be protecting them. 

Now with the rise of police taking advantage of the people who they are supposed to serve and protect, families are left frightened, not only for their own lives but their families as well. This issue must be addressed in the next few months so that African Americans and prosper and strive in their community.  Police are indicted for 1% of killings, but the indictment rate for citizens of the U.S is 90%. 

Changing and making progress takes time, but over a presidential term or two, racial equality can be achieved.You can make America a place where African Americans do not feel threatened by officers who should be protecting them. Future president, you have the power to create a law where a gun can only be pulled out if the suspect has a weapon. This would save many lives in the black community.

Yours truly,

Tโ€™Nia Davis