Tara B. Louisiana

What would you do?

Your citizens all have questions and I had three simple questions for you that you need to read because they are very important.

Dear Future President,

           I'm sure being president of the United States is a very tough job, but this is your choice to do this and your job is to make this country a better place. There are many things going on in this country but there are only three questions I would like to ask you. The first one is what would your administration do to reduce gun violence and mass shooting? From my opinion I strongly feel that you should not take away our guns but due to the school shootings and many unnecessary murders you should at least put more of a limit to the gun control. For Example for the people who should not own guns are people who's mental status are not that great. If you look into all the cases of school shootings the shooter is mentally unstable.

           My next question for you is how will you minimize the domestic threat of home growth terrorists? Terrorism is starting to become a big problem in the United States. All the bombing and terrible murders due to different religion keeps happening and nobody has done a thing about them but keep letting them in. Not all of them are bad people I understand some want freedom but most wants death. You are the one in control are you going to sit here and let all of this keep happening or are you going to do something about it because we do need you and our lives depend on the decisions you make.

      My last question for you is what would you do to reduce the extreme income inequality in this country? There are people in this country who work their fingers to the bone and is always stressed out trying to make money to support their families and there are people who sit around and do nothing with their life but make up excuses on why they can't do this or why they can't do that. No matter how their lives go the people who don't do anything still get more income than the ones who work hard. If this keeps happening I'm afraid there is going to be a bad riot or something worse. You need to make this mess straight. We are all counting on you.

                                                                                       ~ One of your citizens,