Cameron Louisiana

Student Debt

My letter is about student debt. Student debt is becoming a bigger problem and students are not able to pay it back.

Dear Future President, 

         Student debt is a rising problem in our country. As president, I believe this should be one the bigger priorities that you have. It is your job to keep the citizens of the United States happy. Soon, many of the students in my school will fall under the list that cannot pay for college. I will hopefully be one of them.

         Today, the student debt is about $1.4 trillion. Each and every year student debt rises more and more. Recently, college for a single student has increased. As you know, some people think that free college is a good idea. If free college were a thing, how would college professors get paid? How do you know that there will not be too many people who don't take it seriously? So many questions.

         When you become president think please think of a way that you will make things better. This country will soon be in your hands. Think of a way to reduce student debt. Barack Obama had a plan to lower student debt but yet, it has gone up and has not slowed. Ending student debt will do nothing but help the economy.


                                                                                                                                            Cameron Cox

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